Privacy Policy

Hdac Technology AG(hereinafter “Company”) always makes its best efforts to protect the personal information of its users as it considers the protection of personal information saved under Service is significant. This Privacy Policy, explains why this service collects information as well as what measures are taken to handle the collection and contents of user data.

1. Personal Information Collection Items 
IP address, cookies 
2. Objectives of Personal Information Collection and its Legal Basis
The company processes the user's personal information based on the following legal backgrounds.
A. Utilize to identify authorized users and prevent from a dishonest use by illegal users and unauthorized utilization.
B. Uses it to confirm that it is the valid user for the partner's service in case that there exists some special issues due to partnerships in a specific device in use or a specific route of access.
3. Retention and Use Period of Personal Information
A. The company uses personal information in a limited capacity while providing service. The personal information will be deleted without delay i) if users request for the cancellation and withdraw consent to the collection and use of personal information, ii) when the purpose of collection and use of personal information is accomplished, iii) or the period of use expires.

B. The company stores the personal data only for the time period up to ten years allowed by the relevant laws and never uses the stored information for any other purposes.
4. Personal Information Disposal Procedures and Measures
The disposal procedures and measures of personal information are follows. 

A. Disposal procedures 
A user's personal information is stored for a certain time period due to the information protection reason according to the internal policy or other laws and then disposed once the goals are achieved. 

B. Disposal measures 
The personal data printed on paper can be disposed by destruction or incineration and an electrical format of personal data can be deleted by using a technical measure that prevents restoration of data. 
5. User's Rights
Every user has the following rights (legal guardian for a child below the age of 14).

A. Rights to receive information
The company will notify the user of legal issues and obtain consent before processing the personal information.

The overall aspects of the personal data processing can be immediately checked on the privacy policy.

B. Rights to delete and revoke consents
A user can delete their personal information in 『account setting』 anytime or revoke consent on the personal information collection and use. Until the consent is revoked, all the items processed based on the consent are deemed to be lawful. Once the membership is withdrawn, the personal information is processed according to ". Retention and Use Period of Personal Information."

C. Rights to transfer data
A user can download their own data in 『data saving and transfer』 and transfer it to other service provider.

D. Rights to raise complaints to the privacy supervision authority in relation to personal data processing if they reside in EU countries.
6. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
The company supplies the personal information to a third party in the following cases of exceptions.

A. Agreement made by the users in advance
When the personal data is provided for a third party, the company requests explicit and individual agreements after notifying a person who receives personal information, purpose, items, possession, and period of use in advance.

B. In case that the relevant laws have special provisions for it.
7. Child's Personal Information
The service is not intended for a child below 14 years old.

If the company finds out that the personal information of a child below 14 years old is collected or if the legal guardian requests membership withdrawal(cancellation) of that child, then the company will immediately try to delete it.
8. Installation/Employment of Automated Personal Information Collection Equipment and Refusal
The company uses 'Cookie' which saves and brings out user information in order to provide personalized and customized services.

A. What is a cookie?
Cookie are diminutive text files - sending to user browser from the servers operated by the websites - saved in the computer’s hard-disk. So, if the users visit websites, the websites' servers read cookie data saved in users' hard-disks to maintain users' environment settings and provide customized services.

The users can always deletes or denies to save cookie since the cookie does not collect information which identify individuals automatically nor actively.

B. Purpose of using Cookie
The company supports a faster Web environment for users by saving settings preferred by users via cookies and uses them for service improvements for increased convenience. Because of this incident, the users are able to use the service easily. In addition, cookies allow the company to provide a personal customized service, including advertisements, by understanding the users' website visits, patterns, and interests.

C. Installation/employment of Cookie and denial
A user has the right to select cookie installation. Thus, a user can set the option on the web browser to allow every cookie or, perform confirmation each time a cookie is saved or reject saving of any cookie. But if they reject saving of any cookie, then the web use will become difficult and some of service requiring a log in may be unavailable.

D. Following directions will give a guidance to designate allowance of Cookie installation.
① Internet Explorer: Tool Menu on upper side of web-browser > Internet Option > Personal Information > Setting
② Chrome: Selection Menu on right side of web-browser > Selection of Extended Setting on bottom of screen (wording may differ) > Personal Information Contents Selection Button > Cookie
9. Issues Related to Personal Information Transfer to Abroad
The personal information collected by the company is processed or saved within the following districts and processed only for the goals specified in the privacy policy.

The Company’s Korea Office: 272 Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, 04618 Seoul, Korea []
10. Customer Service for Privacy Inquiries
If you have any questions or inquiries about privacy, contact us using the information below.
▶ Data Protection Officer (DPO):
Email address
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any concerns or questions regarding privacy issues. The Company will endeavor to provide solutions to any claims, concerns, or questions from users.
11. Privacy Policy Changes
To reflect the changes in the service or the laws, the company can modify its privacy policy, In case of addition, deletion or modification in the current privacy policy, the company will post the reason and details on the web site or emails if necessary.
12. Security
The company devotes its effort to protect information from illegal access, change, exposure, or deletion for the service users.

Nevertheless, it is not guaranteed that the information sent to others by your choice is completely safe because wired and wireless networks do not provide complete security. Accordingly, information being accessed, exposed, changed, or damaged is possible because physical, technical, or management safety devices may be attacked and destroyed.